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    Dr Ryan Anderson can help you before, during and after your pregnancy.

Just the other day I had one of the women I had previously treated while pregnant leave me a very thoughtful review on Yelp. During the 2nd trimester of her pregnancy she began to develop pain as most women begin to at this stage. She was constantly uncomfortable, her hips were sore and she even had some pain shooting down the back of her legs. The first 2 symptoms most women understand but the sciatica that is developed during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters is a surprise to some. Most women struggle with adapting to the change in weight and posture from their growing child. In this case they develop the “pregnancy waddle” where the feet rotate out and they begin to shuffle. This small change in leg positioning causes a small gluteal muscle called the piriformis to have to overwork to compensate for the change in positioning. As this muscle gets tight and tenses up it begins to compress on the sciatic nerve which if located in or under the piriformis will result in a shooting sensation down the back of the leg. This is usually the point that these women present to my office. false

What most women do not know is that had they received chiropractic care as needed during their pregnancy they could have minimized the symptoms or even avoided this from happening at all. By reducing the amount of change and stress that the body is going through the pregnancy is more comfortable. The pelvis is able to move freely so changes in foot position are not necessary. Women also have to remember that during pregnancy the body is producing oxytocin, which causes the ligaments and joints to become lax allowing for the pelvis to expand at during pregnancy and delivery. This is not limited to the pelvis but all joints can easily move out of proper alignment.

One of the great resources that I have used is the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA). They are a wonderful resource for information on chiropractic for pediatrics and during pregnancy. I have included a video clip of Dr Jeanne Ohm, president of the ICPA, discussing several different topics with regard to pregnancy and pediatrics. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Ohm several times and she is nothing short of delightful.


Please contact your Chiropractor in San Clemente for more information on how Dr Ryan Anderson can help you before, during and after your pregnancy.

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